Friday, December 31, 2010

Out With A Girlfriend

I had dinner with a great friend the other night. We laughed and chatted and it was amazing to us the number of parallels we have in our lives. These friendships are truly the replenishing ones... the ones where we feel rejuvenated and filled back up again after just one night on the town. 

We chatted about a similar relationship we have with someone who is difficult to love. We were then burden by the truth that God wants us to love everyone, including our enemies. How do we love the unlovely? How do we love someone who continually knocks us down?

We concluded that night that we can't love like this on our own power. I'm working through a book entitled Forgotten God by Francis Chan (check out our "favorites" column to find this book at The idea is that we don't tap into the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit living within us. We have so much in the United States (material wealth, education, careers...) that we often rely on our own strength and power and what results is a mediocre life filled with a lot of heartache. The same power that raised Jesus from the dead lives in ME! Can you wrap your mind around that?? As a Christian, the same power that raised Jesus from the dead lives in ME and YOU! This would be the only way to love the unlovely... God would be the only one to help us love with this kind of love. It's impossible to do it on our own.

Wayne Dyer talks about the fact that people have inside of them bitterness, anger, resentment, pain... and this is what others often see in them when conflict arises. Many people are living with their own demons and if we could rely upon the power of the Holy Spirit to help us forgive those who hurt us, this approach would not only diffuse the problem, but we would not have to wander about life with unresolved issues and pain. If what we have in us is grace, mercy, forgiveness, kindness... and all of the other Fruits of the Spirit, then that is what others will see in us.

Let's begin this New Year praying that God will help us to unleash His supernatural power living in us so we can begin to do the extraordinary in our lives. Let's work on making this world a better place in which to live. Why allow satan to rob us of our joys? 

It's amazing what happens to creamed corn when you add a few wonderful herbs and spices to it! Check out this recipe:

Fabulous Creamed Corn 

Let's learn to make the very best from the messes we make by adding a few wonderful "herbs and spices" to our lives... the results will be "delicious!"


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