Sunday, January 16, 2011

Vision Board

After reading Who Moved My Cheese, I thought it appropriate timing to begin working on our vision boards. Brittany and I went to the local bookstore and leafed through magazine options until we found a handful that made us smile. We then went to Target to purchase poster board and other necessary supplies to embellish our “visions” like golden embroidery on deep blue silk… stunning!

Vision boards have images from magazines that reflect who we want to be, where we would like to live, places we’d like to visit, jobs we’d like to have, and anything else we want to include. It’s our vision, so anything goes… there are no rules other than to keep focused and to listen to God as He unveils a “picture” of who He is molding and shaping us to be.

As we deliberately went through each and every page of our magazines, we opened our hearts and minds to whatever crossed our path. I’m still putting together my compilation of images and Brittany excitedly clipped, glued, and organized until the final presentation was complete. Her board is truly eclectically beautiful. It speaks of how she envisions (with God’s help) her life unfolding. She now has something tangible to remind her daily what she’s working so hard for. Each image she carefully selected has meaning for her and she spoke with purpose as she shared her vision with our Bible Buddies group last night.

Brittany's Vision Board:

I am very proud of Brittany and it’s exciting to me to watch ladies across generations have hope for bright, Spirit-filled futures (we’re like bright-eyed little girls mapping out our futures with much enthusiasm).

When my vision board is complete, I am placing it in a prominent location in my home as a constant reminder to dare to dream…

If you readers decide to take on a vision board project, be sure to share it with the rest of us. Let’s share in the excitement together! Check out this website to help you get started:

 Vision Boards

All the best to you as you begin this quest to make your life as fulfilling as possible!


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