Friday, January 28, 2011

Mindful Shopping

Are there certain places you gravitate to?

Every Friday after work I travel to Whole Foods for my weekly grocery shopping. The minute I enter into heavenly bliss, I'm blanketed by the warmth and friendliness of the employees. The aromas are like none other to me... it's like home baked Cinnamon rolls, freshly picked herbs and spices, newly bundled wild flowers all sprinkled with pure essential oils... my inhales do not go deep enough to take it all in.

I support Whole Foods for many reasons. Oh, I'm sure some of the foods I buy are cheaper elsewhere, but I liken this kind of commitment to the same reasons my husband is devoted to a particular political party. He says there are positives and negative within both parties, but which party consistently tries to keep God out of our country and which one works arduously to honor the Christian principles on which our country was founded?

On a smaller scale, I ask myself the same kinds of questions to determine where I do my shopping. For me, it's important to look at the big picture rather than being concerned about saving a few dollars here and there. Which stores are supporting sweat camps, slave labor, and harsh chemicals in our foods by the products they purchase and which ones work tirelessly to eradicate these problems in our society?

Whole Foods' mission is to be kind to our planet. There are organic farmers struggling to survive because of strict mandates imposed on them by our government and Whole Foods go out of their way to support the "little guy" even if that means higher spending. Their meats come from farms who treat their animals kindly and humanely and who feed them as they were intended to be fed (what's up with feeding cows animal by-products? God created them to be vegetarians... personally, I wouldn't touch beef unless it's organic and grass fed, and my chickens... only organic, free range will do for me, and finally, pork is completely out of the question whether organic or not, they are filthy animals...they eat their own feces... there's a reason why God suggested we don't eat pigs. This piggy is TOXIC:)

Anyway, I choose Whole Foods out of a heart for God and preserving the gifts with which He's showered me. I guess I feel I'm doing my little part to contribute to the Big picture... being eco-friendly is being God-friendly :)

And, by golly, God is blessing me in return with my own little slice of Heaven (not to mention you'll rarely find a stray cart in the parking lot:)

Happy Shopping!!


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