Thursday, January 27, 2011

Handmade With Love

The last issue of Better Homes and Gardens featured a wonderful article about a group of women who gather together to make and share crafts. They have found that crafting and spending time together is so enjoyable that they've continued the special occasion now for 17 years. They began in 1994 with simplicity as they rubber-stamped stationary to give to others as gifts.
As we begin our 14 days of showing our love and appreciation for others, how wonderful would it be to gather with our "gal pals" for a night of crafting gifts we can give to others?? Some neat ideas for easy Valentine's Day projects are cookie (heart-shaped) decorating, gift tags, greeting cards...

... not only will the fellowship be good for the soul, but we will have precious hand-made gifts to share with those beloved people in our live.

Express yourself through creative art and the act of giving!


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