Friday, January 28, 2011


Do you guys want to "hear" something hilarious?

Well... tonight after work I went on my usual Friday night excursion to Whole Foods. I went through my normal rituals of doing my shopping first and then carefully selecting my delectable favorites from the salad bar, along with organic chocolate covered almonds and spring water for my dinner (I do this every Friday btw... it's my treat to myself:)

Okay, so normally I have the cashier ring up all of my groceries first and then my supper items, so they can be placed in their own little handled bag.

Tonight, I happened to grab my supper items first and I watched as she rang them up... much to my surprise, my supper was $27.53!!! I ALMOST DIED! I never noticed when they were rung up last because they were just added to the rest of everything I bought.

I think this was the first time ever that I actually had an unhealthy experience at Whole Foods. I also think this was God's way of saying, "My child, I really think you could make this stuff at home A LOT cheaper!"

The moral of this story is... there's a healthy balance to everything. Even at Whole Foods it's possible to cross the line of what's acceptable and what's not (at least for me:)

On that note... I just ate my last glorious meal pre-made by Whole Foods! Oh... and please don't tell my husband!!


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