Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Time to Check Out

My husband told me the other day that he was "checking out" of a relationship. My initial reaction was he can't forgive this person. I've since come to believe that this simply is not the case. I know Ron and his middle name is grace and mercy. He doesn't have a mean bone in his body and doesn't have an enemy that I know of.

Ron has been in the restaurant business for years. He is an excellent manager of the employees. He is consistent with enforcing the rules and handles himself with integrity. It's more than that though... Ron takes a vested interest in the employees. They are people to be respected.

Years ago, Ron shared a story with me about a customer who had a food complaint. This complaint turned into a personal attack against the waitress. My husband resolved this conflict very quickly by merely stating that he could correct any mistakes made with this customer's food order, however, he refused to allow this, or any customer to disrespect his employees. He kindly asked the customer to leave.

I share this story with you because I think Ron is reacting similarly to this most recent situation. He doesn't mind helping out when he can (in fact, he often goes the extra mile) and being there for his friends, but when disrespect slithers in like a striking cobra, it's time to move quickly to safety.

Does this mean Ron can't forgive? Absolutely not! How do you forgive a snake that attacks its prey? How do you forgive someone who doesn't see there's a problem... someone whose venomous responses come as naturally as breathing?

On a bright note... Ron doesn't dislike this person and he wishes this person only the very best... it's just time for him to "check out" of this relationship and move to find his new cheese :)

I fully understand now!


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