Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hooters is Not the Place to Teach Our Children About Sex!

Okay so, I have a gripe. I hope it’s okay with you that I vent. I learned recently that Hooters Restaurant has a product line geared toward children. Clothing for babies have phrases like, "Sorry, I only date Hooters' girls," "Chick Magnet," "I'm a boob man," and "Does this diaper make my butt look fat?"

I have no doubt the waitresses at Hooters were hired to do much more for their customers that merely serve food. Can you just picture it: A single dad is at Hooters for an evening meal with his children. He requests a booster seat and a high chair for his two little ones. Once seated, the family is enveloped by bodacious ta tas, flirtatious remarks, occasional slaps on the back sides, and other sexually-themed entertainment. Quite honestly, the mental picture makes me sick to my stomach.

I’m sure there are those people who would find my opinions offensive, but I also know I’m not the only woman (or man) who finds this kind of thing upsetting. I fully understand if the parents didn’t take there children to dine at Hooters this wouldn’t be an issue. I find it disturbing that we have a society that would support Hooters marketing for children (obviously people do or it wouldn’t exist) and that parents would allow their little guys to sport around that he’s a “Boob Man” absolutely creepy to me!

I think there has been a huge disservice in the way society esteems women. Don’t get me wrong, I think a woman’s body is very beautiful, but it’s intended to be beautiful for her mate only and to be kept as pure as earthly possible. Instead many people are indoctrinated into believing that it doesn’t hurt to support a place like Hooters, flirt a little, and enjoy the “scenery” WITH THEIR CHILDREN!! Or, have sex with a complete stranger just for the fun of it Our society is heading in a downward spiral fast.

Hooters, my advice to you If you’re going to sell sex along with your burgers than leave the children out of it! They deserve better than that!!



Scott said...

I have just a small issue with just one comment you made, so I will address that first: On a kind of dare, I went to Hooters once, a long time ago when I was first single. Other than being an airhead (she couldn't add the prices correctly for a hot dog and a coke in three attempts!) my waitress treated me no different than any other waitress. It may be true that Hooters hires them for more than just serving food; however, my waitress was dark-haired, skinny, and in no way fit the Hooters picture. I only say this because I think she took the job for the same reason every other waitress takes a job: to make some money. I don't think she flirted around, got slapped on the fanny, or did other things that most waitresses don't do other places. That being said, I also think that, while Hooters may have produced a product line for children, it is the adults, especially the parents, who need to take the blame for it. I am a pretty open-minded guy, but I would never take my children into a Hooters restaurant, especially sporting a T-shirt that talks about boobs. Children learn from their parents and their surroundings, so putting them there and dressed like that will cause issues down the road because that means that behavior is common with those adults. You are right; that shouldn't happen; however, the reason it shouldn't happen is that parents of small children should be openly and aggressively protesting the issue and raising heck about it to the politicians, the restaurant associations, and the newspapers. It still might happen, but at the expense of the restaurant's monies dropping. I guarantee that, if a business's
monies drop, whatever is causing that will drop too, or the business will cease to function. Just my thoughts.

Marisa and Brittany said...

Hey Scott,

Thank-you for your comments!! I'm sure there are waitresses employed by Hooters who choose to respond more modestly to her customers. My concerns are "each and every time Hooters, Inc. claims that they are not a restaurant but that they are rather vicarious sexual entertainment... so their workers are not food servers or waitresses. Their workers are sexual entertainers." Check out this website to read a little further:

Also, I just read of a situation where a young 20 year old employee of Hooters was being reprimanded for being overweight at 5'8" and 132 lbs. Apparently, they gave her a free 30-day pass to a gym and told her if she makes progress she will be given another free 30-day pass. If at the end of the 2 month period she didn't meet the weight goal they set for her she would have to suffer further repercussions. Check this story out here:

It makes me wonder how long your little waitress will keep her job. It doesn't sound like to me there was any vicarious sexual entertaining going on and if that is a part of the promise they make to their customers, her job may be at stake... so sad!!

Anyway, I think you got the point of my gripe... there are obviously other places that cater to the sexual desires of their patrons. My point here is the marketing of sleazy apparel to babies and children. For me, this crossed the line.

It is true there are parents who find nothing wrong with inoculating their children with this garbage, but there needs to be a precedent set and a line drawn for businesses in terms of what's okay and not okay to market to children.

You're right about raising a stink and not being immune to all of the negative influences our children are being exposed to... how much longer down the road before our children will be allowed into strip bars??

Thanks for your thoughts, Scott and helping me to process through this!!