Monday, February 14, 2011

Who is the Center of the Universe?

A person near and dear to my heart shared with me that she tends to be the brunt of some of her friends jokes lately. She said under normal circumstances she just shrugs it off, but last night it was just over-the-top for her.

I read somewhere that there’s an element of truth in every tease… therefore, we need to be careful what we say to others- HELLO!!

There are a lot of shattered esteems out there and when words start flying there is often very little thought that goes into what’s said. The impulse is to say whatever is necessary to look good in the eyes of others… even at the expense of hurting someone else.

It would be easy to merely say just think before you speak, but when people only think of themselves, their words are very self-centered as well.

If scientist could figure out where the center of the universe is that would be great because these guys who get a kick out of belittling others for there own merit would realize they are not it!

Unfortunately, they will come to realize they are the losers because their insecurities have isolated them from treasured friendships… most people aren’t going to hang around long enough to watch themselves be battered.

Anyway, I suggested this young gal find different friends. She’s bright, witty, and oh so enjoyable to be around. I also encouraged her to pray for those who suffer in their own skin every day. It must be awful for them to repel friends like they’re pesky little insects and even more haunting to not understand why!

Let’s appreciate our friends and treat them with the respect they deserve and most importantly, let’s think before we speak and may what is said be helpful and not hurtful.



Scott said...

When I was growing up, people, many people, picked on me constantly. They did it mostly because I would take it without blowing up and hitting or whatever. The problem was that, as time went on, I began to really believe the basics of these "picks" because I heard them over and over. It has taken me many years (over 30) and a lot of work, effort, and tears to peel away the layers of guilt and low self-esteem these people helped me build. I doubt most of them knew they were even doing it. So, yes, stop the teasing when it's personal and tell the person, instead, how wonderful they are. It's easier and feels much better.

Marisa and Brittany said...


I'm so sorry that such a wonderful person (YOU) had to endure the pain that comes from from being bullied!

You are such an incredible educator for far more than the academics. You are able to empathize with your students who don't fit in the conventional box society tries to shove them into.

The cool thing is God doesn't waste anything. He is turnings your hurt and pain into a usable vessel to encourage and uplift others... and to walk your students through the door of success.

I, for one, am very proud of you, my dear friend and I'm so thankful you were able to tear down that horrible wall of insecurities, so the rest of us could be graced by your companionship... we are the fortunate ones :)

Keep on doing whatever it is that you are doing because... it's working!!

Many kudos to you (and God) for living a life that others can truly admire AND emulate!


Anonymous said...

I'm with Marisa on this one! I couldn't agree more!