Friday, March 4, 2011

Beautiful From the Inside Out!

I’m so sad that women, particularly young girls, are so wrapped up in body image. Our society is doing such a disservice to women by placing unrealistic expectations on what’s acceptable for a woman’s appearance the skinnier the better (even at the expense of one’s health).

I recently had an adorable little girl in elementary school tell me that she’s too fat. WHAT?? She said her peers have made fun of her and have called her names insinuating obesity (like “whale”). I was appalled! First of all, she’s far from obese and secondly, these cutting words create wounds and define self-esteem for a very long time, if not a lifetime.

As a girl grows and develops into a woman her philosophy, beliefs, and mindset are tainted by this nonsense. If she’s less than “perfect,” obsession sets in and this obsession leads to depression, diet pills, lack of nutritional eating, narcissistic behaviors, and it’s satan’s playground! He would love nothing more than to create a “monster” of low self-esteem in all of us and what better way than to make women believe they fall way short of the mark society deems as acceptable. The media, of course, has an answer to all of "her" problems... try botox or plastic surgery like her role models do... Whew!! How pathetic!

One thing I catch myself doing at school is complimenting a student’s outfit, a new haircut, or a cute pair of shoes and I’ve recognized I’m contributing to the global problem of placing too much emphasis on appearance. It’s not a bad thing to pay a compliment, but I have a responsibility to instill far greater morals and values in children than merely the way they look on a given day.

I have to wonder if we focus more on great work ethic, serving others, a loving heart, and a healthy lifestyle as superseding outward appearance if many of the struggles women have would dissipate. The reason I say this is the more self-centered we become, the more depressed and the more depressed, the more we eat for comfort and the more we eat, the less healthy we become you get the picture. It’s truly a vicious cycle. On the other hand, if we’re working hard, serving and loving others, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle all of the rest will fall into place I think we will be right where God wants us to be... BEAUTIFUL from the inside out!

We have a responsibility to God, ourselves, and others to not get side-tracked from what's really important in life... remember, God said in His Word - "The Lord does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart." 1 Samuel 16:7...

God Bless!!



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