Monday, March 21, 2011

What Not to Wear

I was tempted to swing by New York and Company after work today to pick up a few cute outfits for our cruise coming up in a week. My husband and I are celebrating our 25th Anniversary by cruising the Caribbean. My little temptation lasted only a few minutes when a small voice in my head convinced me to check out what I already have in my closet that would work just as well and save the hundred bucks I would have undoubtedly spent. What was I thinking? Was I thinking I truly needed more clothes? Or, was I thinking I needed to keep up with every cute little bikini bombshell I’d find on this cruise (which was an impossibility anyway)? I sure wasn’t thinking I needed to look cute for my husband… ‘cause trust me, he isn’t concerned with what I’m wearing ;)

So, maybe I’m reading way too much into this because there certainly isn’t anything wrong with going clothes shopping. But, it kinda got me wondering where I find my value. Is it in things? What I wear? What title is after my name? What clubs or groups I belong to? What my status is in the community?

Or… do I find value in solely being a child of the living God? If I have one robe, a pair of sandals, and a Bible (like Mother Teresa) would I be okay with that? Would I see myself as valuable?

I’ve asked a bazillion questions, but I think they are valid. At least they are for me. In our society, we are so wrapped up in what we wear, material wealth, being the star of the show, being at the top of the corporate ladder, being the best athlete that we forget what we were placed on this earth to do in the first place… to glorify God, to further His Kingdom, to be in relationship with Him, and to love others.

The amount of money we have, the car we drive, the clothes we wear, our status in the community, getting the lead in the play... have minimal value to God, particularly if these things distract us from our walk with Him. I think He tells us all of the time to strip ourselves from the things that are roadblocks to a more deep relationship with Him… do we listen? Do I listen? Not as often as I’d like, but I did today and I’m so thankful. When I got home and took inventory of my closet, I have plenty of cute, summery things to wear on my cruise.

So, this story ends with… I’m packing the clothes I already have in my closet because honestly, my husband doesn’t care what I wear (in fact, he’s going to be telling me what not to wear;) and God doesn’t care what I wear, so I’m not going to worry so much about it either!!

Whew… this makes life a whole lot easier and a lot less expensive!



Scott said...

While you are correct that people often fall to one-upmanship, I think it could also just be the joy of having something new. This stroke has made me appreciate what I have because, to get something new, is quite an effort now. Shopping for new clothes might just be a nightmare for me as far as time and effort.
So, relax and enjoy your trip,

Marisa and Brittany said...

Thanks, Scott!! Don't get me wrong... I love to shop :) But, I think like everything else for me a balance is essential for healthy living. Too much a good thing can be very harmful.

I love to season my foods with sea salt. It enhances the flavors of my food so nicely. On the other hand, too much sea salt ruins a perfectly crafted culinary dish.

I often ask myself, "Am I shopping because I could really use new clothes, or am I shopping because of some dysfunction in my life?" For me, making poor personal choices to soothe a negative emotion always have destructive results and ruins a perfectly crafted day.

We are looking so forward to our cruise. When we see you next, we will be glowing :)

Blessings my friend!


Carolyn said...

This is my first time reading a blog ever. I like this entry of yours on what not to wear. I just watched the Disney movie, The Kid, with Bruce Willis. Its about remembering what you wanted to do and to be when you were a kid. Are you meeting any of those goals? Its also about revealing the false notions we pack on when we're children. The character in the movie, thought he was a loser and was told he was by other boys. Back to your blog, I found it refreshing to question the reason behind new clothes and finding contentment with what you already have. Lets remember who our heavenly Father is and what we want to be when we grow up (i.e. enter the heavenly realm) and that these clothes won't last.

Anonymous said...

Marisa, I ran across this scripture last week... Just thought I'd forward it along. <3 U! -- Faithers

"So if we have enough food and clothing, let us be content." -- 1 Timothy 6:8, NLT

Marisa and Brittany said...


Welcome to our blog!! I love your approach to life and remembering what you want to be when you "grow up." I think it's a wonderful way to stay focused on Heavenly things instead of the things that won't matter in the end.

Looking forward to the fellowship with you, my friend!


Marisa and Brittany said...


Thank-you for reminding us of what God says about our priorities. Our "needers" and "wanters" often get mixed up and it seems the more we have, the more we want. Keeping ourselves in check with scripture is a perfect way to create that balance I think we all long for!

Love your input... keep it up!