Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Leap of Faith

Yes, I know... it has been far too long. I haven't posted in so long because I am on my way to Nevada! I have had packing, and planning, and arrangements to make. No, I am not on vacation, I have decided to move. I am moving to Las Vegas, Nevada with my boyfriend. I am totally crazy, right!? I am completely out of my mind!

Really it does take a huge leap of faith, a lot of trust in God, and a lot of trust in oneself to make something like this work.  All of the doors were opened wide and the move has gone smoothly so far.  I had lost my job back home, had found someone who was willing to take over the lease at my apartment, had received a job opportunity in Las Vegas, and the boyfriend that I am madly in love with had been planning to move to Vegas now anyway. Who wouldn't take all of this as a push in the right direction?

Not only did I have all of these doors open, but everything has been very easy and the trip has gone smoothly so far. I am currently sitting in Starbucks in Denver, CO enjoying a grande triple shot iced soy white mocha with light whipped cream while my boyfriend sleeps in.  I will admit, I am completely ready to get there and settle in. I am excited about getting into the apartment, starting to get things set up, and going out to explore our new home. However, I am still just enjoying this adventure with him one step at a time. So far we have just been stopping to see the sights and trying to not get into a big rush or get too stressed out.  Enjoying the journey has made everything seem so much easier.  So far on the way we have been playing games in the car, narrating for other drivers while stuck in traffic, having disco dance parties on the highway, seeking out interesting book stores and of course Starbucks', and simply engaging in good conversation.  :)  

I am learning, as I begin to journey into adulthood, that I have an adventurous spirit. I enjoy experiencing new things, taking chances, and just exploring.  I am incredibly thankful for my man because he is the same way and I think I am a little afraid of doing these kinds of things on my own. He has given me the opportunity to leave my comfort zone and start to experience the world a little bit. I am finally breaking out of my shell and starting to get excited about my future. I'm sure I will be posting more regularly about my experiences and my new surroundings. Watch out world, here I come!! :)

-Brittany <3


Scott said...

Well, I am excited for you! I felt kind of the same way when I took off for Europe just before college started. It was, indeed, good to be with others at that time as I would have been nervous being by myself so far from home. As it was, being in such a large group, singing and orchestra, I had the opportunity to see so much with so many. You are getting to do the same and it will change your life and how you look at things. Good Luck!

brittany said...


I'm so proud of you!! I'm going to miss you terribly... I guess I'll have to plan several trips a year to Vegas :)

Your "leap of faith" is very inspirational. It's not easy to leave a comfort zone to go into a new area you have only explored briefly and make a new start for yourself. Your adventuresome spirit was definitely a hand-me-down and gift from your mother. I can't imagine life without traveling, exploring, and getting to know God's awesome creation.

Your life was given to you to LIVE my child... don't miss a single minute of it!!

Can't wait to read more about your new journey!


Marisa and Brittany said...


I had no idea you had such a neat experience! I would be interested to hear more about it... wow!! Europe, singing, and orchestra... sounds exciting :) Have you done much traveling like that since?


Scott said...


Have done some traveling since, but, other than once to Canada, never outside the US. I will be glad to tell you all about it, say at the next Bible Study meeting.

Marisa and Brittany said...

Thank you so much! I really appreciate all of the encouragement and support from everyone back home. The trip is still amazing in every way! I had a blast in Denver yesterday just shopping, walking around downtown, walking around the campus village, and going dancing last night. :) I will admit, I am so very ready to make it to Nevada to get settled in.

Rhonda said...

Hi Britt,
So glad you are posting your journey. I will love reading all about it. Sounds like Denver was fun, let us know when you get to Las Vegas!!!!
So excited for you as this dream becomes reality. What a huge leap of faith and YOU DID IT!!!. You are doing it today.
Love you, Aunt Rhonda