Friday, April 15, 2011

Same Kind of Different As Me

For all of you avid readers... I just finished reading one of the most amazing books. I read it on my plane ride to North Miami Beach and back this last week. I laughed and cried (I'm sure the passenger sitting next to me thought I forgot to take my medication).

The name of the book is: Same Kind of Different As Me.

I had a lunch date with a friend a few weeks back and she handed over this book and said, "Marisa, you must read it... it's your kind of book." Wow!! I'm flattered that she knows me so well. 

The book is about a modern-day art dealer, Ron, and a 20th century slave, Denver, who were brought together by Ron's wife, Debbie. This story is extra special because it is true and the writing is extraordinary!

Get it... read it... and then come back and post your thoughts. I would love to "book club" with you on this one :)

Happy reading!


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