Saturday, May 21, 2011

Living My Eterninty ...Here and Now

When the day comes for Christ's return, do I need to do anything differently than I'm doing right now? Do I need to plan a picnic lunch, get my hair done, don my nicest togs ...

When God says in His Word no one will know the day or the hour of His return, I take that literally. I believe when He comes, He will just "pop in" and bring His children home. I look forward to that day ...whenever it will be, but I don't think God wants me to be obsessed with knowing the exact day, to the very minute, of His return.

Many of us tend to be a people who aren't fond of deviating from a plan. We feel uncomfortable at times when people just stop by uninvited, or unannounced. We want to know how our day is going to play out. Perhaps this is part of the reason for the persistent answers to the mysteries surrounding Christ's Second Coming. 

I am at peace not knowing the day and the hour of my Savior's return because I believe I'm already living my eternity with Him. He is with me always and forever. I'm not "waiting" for Him to come to me ...He's already with me. I laugh with Him, cry with Him, we make plans together, He's my Heavenly, Abba, Father who has promised to never leave me. He's not in some far off place, impossible to reach, getting ready to just "drop by" at any moment ...He's here with me now!

Let's not waste time with trying to figure out our futures with God in some far off distant place, but rather, let's relish in the present with Him, here and now. God wants us to exert our time and energies to loving others and creating a heaven on earth for ourselves and those around us right now. 

The "being ready" part I don't believe was for His children because we're already with Him, living our eternity with Him, but rather for those who don't know Him as their savior. So, let's devote our time to loving others and sharing God's Good News to those around us!!

And, when my Lord says it's time to take me to my new home, I'll be ready ...just as I am.


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