Saturday, May 7, 2011

LOVE WINS - Rob Bell

One of the things Rob Bell suggests is that if we're going to discuss a book, it's best to read it. So, I went to Borders Bookstore today, nabbed the little black book with red lettering and sat in a comfy chair and read the pages cover-to-cover.

At this point, I'm still "chewing" on its message. Much of this book parallels with Wayne Jacobson's book, "He Loves Me," which has already been added to my "favorites" on this blog. The premise behind both books is God is a God of love and not one of harsh rules and regulations, with unrealistic expectations for His children.

Anyway, I'm going continue to "feed" on this a little bit longer before I share, but I truly have some thoughts. I will leave this post with something Rob Bell stated in his book that keeps resonating with me. It moved me to tears as I read it ...when Jesus said, "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do" while He was hanging on the cross, was He merely speaking of those who crucified Him that day, or was he referring to all of us? ...All of us who are sinners saved only by His grace? "Father, forgive (Marisa) for she knows not what (she does)." Father, forgive (the child with disabilities who can't grasp what it means to have a personal walk with you) for (he/she) knows not what (he/she does)... To be continued...


brittany said...

this post brought tears to my eyes. his words brought light to what has been weighing on my heart for so long. so much of my christian walk growing up emphasised hell and how to avoid it. i was tought that if i didnt want to go to hell, these are the things i should not do: (and then the list went on forever). so what AM i allowed to do if i want to go to heaven? i felt restricted and i felt bogged down and i felt afraid to act for fear that i would do something that might keep me out of heaven. but the more i read, the more i learn, the more i study who god is and who jesus was, the more i pray and ask god to reveal himself to me... the more i am finding that the two greatest commandments stand out above everything else. and those are to love him and to love everyone around me as much as i love myself. i know that if i do these things to the very best of my ability and continue to study the words that god gave me.... he would never turn me away. and i believe that with my whole heart.

thank you so much for this post.
it raised a lot of thoughts and emotions within me today.

i think this is exactly what i needed.

Marisa and Brittany said...


I'm so glad this post affected you so positively! You are absolutely right ...God will never turn you away! He loves you :) He has your picture in His wallet!

One of the things Rob Bell points out in his book is we all have unique ways in which we define Jesus. He uses an example of a young girl who was molested multiple times by her father and as he raped her, he recited the Lord's Prayer and sang church hymns. She has carried this image of Jesus into adulthood.

Do people really need more criticism, judgment, or rejection? Jesus came to show love and to share a message that the "good news" some of us learned as a child is so much BETTER THAN THAT!

One of my friends shared with me that we often receive God winks to remind us of His promises to always be with us. God winks at me many times a day through YOU, my child!

Continue learning, receiving, giving, growing, reading, developing, and LOVING ...God's beautiful fruits are developing in you and people are going to want want you have :)

I love you so much!