Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Mojo simply means more joy! There's always room to add more joy in life ...right?? Life hurls setbacks, disappointments, and heartaches. Making that conscious effort to increase mojo is a part of my daily regime that I've made a deal with myself to rarely neglect because when I do, I can see and feel a marked difference in the quality of my life.

My dad always referred to Murphy's Law when his day didn't go according to Hoyle. Murphy's Law states when something can go wrong, it will. When I neglect my priorities, this law stings me every time.

Here are the mojo elements that I place high on my priority list and not necessarily in any type of order (except obviously those that involve God and my family are at the very tip top):

  1. Meditating on God with a heart of thanksgiving. Where my heart is, its condition, impacts the effectiveness of meditation for me. Coming before my Lord with a thankful heart fills me with the joy of His Spirit.
  2. Seeing my family members through God's lens with love and compassion. This breeds a  boatload of grace, mercy, and forgiveness and adds to mojo like no other! 
  3. Deep breathing and yoga exercises. Yoga opens up the energetic pathways in my body, giving me the endurance, calmness, and peace to get through my day with joy in my heart. 
  4. Cardio, interval, and weight resistance. These exercises release stress and build strength to   the body and immune system. The added endorphins enhance that positive outlook on life. 
  5. Live an organic lifestyle. Committing to eating organic foods and using eco-friendly beauty and  cleaning products are essential for me. Minimizing or eliminating exposure to harmful toxins is key for me to optimal living. What I allow into my body contributes to my emotional well-being. The toxins in food and in the environment causes me sickness and depression. I avoid this wherever and whenever I can.
  6. Regular sex with my soul mate. This blankets me with love and releases undesirable tension and stress.
  7. Smile :)
  8. Look for ways I can give to others. This one is really high on the priority list for me. There isn't much that brings me mojo like making the day of someone else a little brighter. Mojo is the way God blesses a kind and giving spirit. It's a win-win situation!
  9. Girlfriends! I need other women. I believe all women need other women! My friends add so much joy to my life ...hanging out, laughing, sharing, and praying for one another bring healing and renewal to a broken and contrite heart.
  10. Sunshine and Warmth.  This is another biggie for me. The 2 of these combined bring so much joy and health to my life. In the Midwest, there are 7 months out of the year that are gloomy, rainy, snowy, and cold (this is from my perspective); therefore, I have to work doubly hard in all the other areas to compensate for the loss here. The sun is so life-giving and is a strong immunity booster. Sun screen is a no-no for me! The added toxins and screening out the sun's powerful benefits seem counterproductive to me.
My husband always says, "Anything worthwhile takes effort." Well, my life, health, and well-being are most certainly worthwhile! They are gifts from God to be handled with care. Committing daily to the things that bring me joy not only benefit me, but others around me. Let's work together to make this world a better place!

YOU bring me mojo, my friends!!


Jennifer said...

I agree that having your priorities in line makes your life run more smoothly! Thanks for the reminder to look at what's really important and act on those priorities!

Rebecca said...

I love your list....and Thanks giving, yes! I can def tell a difference when my priorities for a day do not begin with God...the whole day seems to be 'off'...until it's back on the right track! Thanks so much for joining us planting mustard seeds today! Your words are wisdom to my heart!

Marisa and Brittany said...


You hit the nail right on the head when you say life runs a whole lot more smoothly when our priorities are aligned properly. Satan is the master of chaos; whereas, God is the Master of order. God understands that structure enables us to live optimally and satan will do everything in his power to deter us. May God give you and me the strength to maintain our focus on those things which have eternal value.

Blessings to you, my friend!


Marisa and Brittany said...


Thanks so much for your kind words! You're so right that when our daily dose of God is neglected, everything else seems off kilter. Maintaining harmony with our Lord gives us the peaceful, blessed assurance that He is holding the control handles.

Can't wait to meet you here again!