Friday, May 13, 2011

Sometimes Worthy Performers Are Called Home

 I recently read a Facebook post referring to James Durbin being voted off American Idol and she couldn’t understand why worthy performers go home.

Why are “worthy performers” called home? My dad was not only a model husband and father, but he was also a gifted, chaplain, pastor, preacher, and teacher. He performed well …very well in all areas of his life and his performance was genuine. He was so admired by all who had the privilege to know him.

I don’t know why people are called home before we think they should be, but it’s beautiful the way God can turn our disappointments into greater passions.

I’ve learned from several since my father’s death that he inspired them to think more positively, eat healthier, be more loving, and so on. Living in mourning because of his death would be the very antithesis of what his life represented …joy! He would want us to live in joy in memory of him.

I can’t explain why James Durbin went home last night in 4th place any more than I can explain why Chris Daughtry went home in 4th place several years ago. I do know, however, that currently Chris is a superstar just as James will be. He will turn his disappointment into greater passion and he will take his Idol experience and soar!

I can’t explain why my dad went home either, but he is now soaring at incomprehensible heights and there will never be any turning back for him. He is at the pinnacle with God and that is where he will stay forever! I wouldn’t wish for it to be any different for him. I look forward to sharing Heaven with him some day.

Enjoy your home ...wherever that may be!



Ereline said...

I love this post and the simple way you compare the two "leavings." You are so right on the money! Thanks so much!

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