Tuesday, June 7, 2011

King of Everything

I love this catchy tune by Sara Bareilles. In fact, I turned it up a little too loudly yesterday on my way to Indianapolis, on a perfect, warm, sunny day to walk at the canal. My daughter made me a cd for Mother's Day and I listen to it often when I need a little dose of Brittany. The lyrics to this song hit me differently than usual as I cruised along on I-69. Though the music will always be fun to listen to, the words share an oh too familiar message of the pain and heartache of relationships...

There's a boatload of Cinderellas looking for their Prince Charmings to sweep them away to a far away castle to live happily ever after. Not a bad dream ...right?? Nope! As long as there isn't the unrealistic expectation of perfection on that list of characteristics in a soul mate. We live in an imperfect world, with people who are flawed and broken. It only stands to reason that when we enter into relationships we will bring all of our baggage with us. When we place the expectation on others to meet our every need and to bring us joy, we are setting ourselves up for the disappointments every time. The result is bitterness and cynicism that affects every one of our relationships.

On the other hand, we should have certain expectations in relationships. We have the right to feel loved and respected. The girl in this song looked at herself highly enough to recognize that her boyfriend was drowning her in a sea of disappointments and she wasn't willing to stick around to watch it happen. God gives us the wisdom and discernment to know when it's time to end a relationship that is dysfunctional. At the end of the song, the girl comes to the grim realization that she is going to have to take care of herself ...that running into a brick wall that others have built only leads to hurts and a dead end.

In our humanness, we are not able to rely on others or ourselves to meet our every need and bring us joy. The good news is there was someone who died and was made King of everything! Jesus says we don't have to carry our burdens around with us. We can lay them all at His feet. We CAN rely on Him to meet our every need ...there's no need to hurt and hide anymore! He is our one true source of joy!

God sent His son to die a horrific death and made Him King so we don't have to be chewed up and on the bottom of someone's shoe (because this is where unrealistic expectations of other people will bring us every time), but rather cradled in God's arms. He fills us with grace, mercy, and forgiveness, so we can in turn extend the same to others. When it's time to move on after a devastating loss, God will carry us through the muck and onto solid ground again with lessons learned and strength regained.

For every Cinderella, God has a Prince Charming and He will hold the control handles of their chariot to a lifetime of happiness ...you'll see :)


Anonymous said...

Marisa, Scott,here. I would love to add to your entry about relationships and all; however, there really wasn't much to add. "King of Anything" just about says it all. I have had people, basically, tell me that I don't have a right to be happy; I must not know what's going on. Well, like the song, "who died and made you king of anything?" I enjoyed this song very much and several of her others. It goes right along in my "Catchy tune" book with "Bubbly" by Colby C.

Marisa and Brittany said...


YOU have the right to be happy, my friend, because you are cradled in the God of Heaven's arms! Where else would you rather be? You're one of my biggest inspirations! I'm so proud of you and your outlook on life after all you've been through ...you're a breathe of fresh air for me and others. You have the right to say to satan, who seeks to discourage and destroy, "You dare tell me who to be ...who died and made you king of anything?"

BTW You have great taste in music :o)

Keep on inspiring!!