Thursday, June 9, 2011

Let's Do some Soul Searching ...Heaven on Earth!

Based on Evelyn McFarlane's and James Saywell's book "Questions for the soul," we are going on an introspective quest of self-discovery. Every day, I will pose a question on our Facebook page (so be sure to "like" our Facebook page to follow along), as well as answer the question for myself here on our blog. It is my hope that the questions will inspire and challenge us to begin soul searching ...and if you've been searching for answers, perhaps here you will find the questions. "Read More" for question number one.

Question #1: If God were to grant you one favor, what would you ask for? I really have 2 picks for this one, but if I were to ask God for one favor I think it would have to be to eradicate evil on this earth. As I pondered on what that would look like, I couldn't fathom living on earth with no sin. There would be no sickness, no pain, no sadness, no depression, no heartache, no envy or pride, no jealousy, no crime ...oh my, and the list would go on and on.

As I thought about this, I recognized that the result of evil on this earth drives much of my day. It is interwoven in most aspects of my life:
  1. When I awake in the morning I lift my thanksgivings before the Lord. 
  2. Before breakfast I commit to yoga, meditation, and exercise for health and wellness and to reduce stress.
  3. I spend time daily looking for ways to help my son with disabilities live a better life, with independence and autonomy.
  4. I avail myself to my adult daughter by helping her celebrate her good times and work through her struggles.
  5. I think of ways I can help the young people living with us. One has a parent strung out on drugs and he does not know the other parent. The other lived with her grandfather, who brought home "The Benefits of Incest" papers to woo her into his evil den.
  6. I look for ways I can console my husband who has had a raunchy day at work for one reason or another.
  7. I lock my doors at home, so my family feels safe.
  8. ...and on and on...
Obviously, this list changes from day to day and is certainly longer, but this example is similar to any other skeletal outline of an average day for me. Everything I do seems to be linked to ...evil (except for #1. Whether in Heaven or on earth, I will always praise and thank my Lord).

Even in relating to my friends ...we can rarely have a conversation without it being tainted with evil somehow. We talk about hurts and pains, disappointments, discouragements, other people who have let us down, those thorns in our side, the devastation in the world ...and so on.

It seems as though evil permeates through every aspect of life on this earth and there are no words that would describe the utter joy that we all would feel if that evil was wiped out once and for all! I love the Christmas song, "Grown-Up Christmas List." It sums up for me what I would wish for ...particularly the chorus:

No more lives torn apart
That wars would never start
And time would heal all hearts
Every man would have a friend
That right would always win
And love would never end
This is my grown-up Christmas list

 So, if God were to grant me one favor, it would definitely be to create ...a Heaven on earth!

Thanks, my friends, for giving me my slice of Heaven!



Anonymous said...

This is Scott.
When I was young, I read a comic book story about a time when you were made immortal at age 12 (I think). There was a group of people who headed an underground that was fighting this. The reason: when you were immortal you couldn't die, so there was no reason to worry about death...this made people not worry if their child was playing in the street, etc...result: people stopped worrying, then caring, then loving...the world became stale and loveless. I have no problem with heaven on Earth; however, that story has stuck with me for many years because it helps me understand why God allowed problems and death to be on this Earth...just another opinion.

Marisa and Brittany said...


I would never want to be in an immortal, loveless situation ...the very antithesis of Heaven on earth!

Thank-you for always bringing a new perspective. I love your comments & your friendship!