Wednesday, June 22, 2011

LOL at Yourself!

Personally, I love to be around people who can take themselves lightly and chuckle at their imperfections. People who don't sweat the little things are wearing a sign that says, "I'm not so bad, I kinda like myself."

Every year, our church hosts a Retro Music Fest. It's our way of reaching out to the seekers in our community. Every year I'm one of the thousands in attendance. It's a lot of fun... music from the 50s, 60s, and 70s resonates throughout the auditorium (very nostalgic for me). The band is incredible. They can make the barks, groans, and whistles of a toadfish sound beautiful. Last fall I was invited to participate with the cast of "professional" singers and I mean PROFESSIONAL! Their talent astounds me, but I'm like, well okay. My two back-up singers and dear friends dug out their country attire and I attempted to transform my blond, prissy self into a country bombshell (good luck with that!). Check this out...

My sister-in-law (God love her) surprised me and plastered this video on YouTube. I GOL (giggled out loud) as I watched. A number of things went through my mind. I was particularly proud of myself for getting up on that stage in the first place and Lord knows I enjoyed every minute of the sweet fellowship with my church buddies. But, if I am to be honest, I thought, "What in God's name was I thinking?!" I felt like Edith Bunker trying to impersonate Patsy Cline! And then I laughed some more... Getting to the place where I can smile at my self and say, "So what if my performance is not stellar!" makes me want to jump up and click my feet together in the rain like Gene Kelly (except if I did that, I would be singin' in the rain on my back side (GOL).

I thought of my goofy son, who laughs at himself all the time (he's so refreshing). The Father's day card he gave his dad says it all (take note of the penciled-in mustache):

...and then on the inside:

He came home with this card on his own! We all laughed and Josh laughed the hardest from his belly :)

Go ahead... laugh at yourself! You'll be thankful you did and so will those around you!


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