Saturday, June 18, 2011

Lose Balance For Love

My husband and I watched Eat, Pray, Love a couple of nights ago. I liked it and my husband was like, whatever.

I know it's a chick flick and I don't think I'm the only woman who could identify with Liz and her search for self-discovery.
Have you ever sat on a teeter totter with someone that's not your match in weight? You struggle to find a...

balance, but go nowhere... one of you stays up and the other down. As a kid, I hated that! Metaphorically, I hate it as an adult when that happens in mismatched relationships that are going nowhere. You're left frustrated and depleted.
With Liz, I got the impression she wasn't even willing to teeter or totter. She wanted to steer clear of the teeter totter altogether. She wasn't comfortable with her own abilities to make it work, so she wouldn't try. In her dysfunction, she couldn't find contentment with any of her relationships. She was looking for that perfect balance... you know when you and your partner are rocking gently in the center and you relax into that flawless equilibrium. Unfortunately, this kind of relationship doesn't exist (and to be honest, as wonderful as it sounds, it most likely wouldn't fulfill our human longing for simply enjoying life together... differences and all).
Have you ever teeter tottered yourselves exactly to the center and stopped. You've met your perfect match. Funny thing is it's kind of cool at the beginning, but you probably didn't want to stay there because how enjoyable would that be? It defeats the purpose of the childhood activity. The thrill is found in teeter tottering up and down, up and down... Liz was working so hard to stay centered in her relationships and couldn't figure out why she was so discouraged.
Liz found a guide and a mentor in Ketut Liyer. She soaked his words in like a sponge, but the words that seemed to resonate with her the most and be life-altering were, "To lose balance sometimes for love is a part of living a balanced life."
When Liz met Felipe he was her match and as she was working so hard to find the center in their relationship, he was fighting equally hard to merely spend time with her, to live life, and to enjoy love again. Ketut's words gave her permission to teeter totter with Felipe and to lose her balance for love. This is where she found her happily ever after... I think... The movie ended with the two of them boating off into the sunset and the estrogen in me won't allow me to see it any other way.
So, yeah... my husband and I didn't agree on the star ratings of this movie, in fact, we differ on a lot of things... he teeters and I totter and we LOVE it and appreciate our differences. Truly, we're loving life! We committed 25 years ago to lose our balance for love and we are eternally grateful we did!!


Misty said...

Inspiring friend! What a great overview of the movie. I love how you see the greater message in a movie (and by the way, while my estrogen runs high and I am a chick flick fanatic, I have to agree with Ron on this one).

You two are a great inspiration to the teetering and tottering of life. May you live a life of balance together, but not so much that it makes the ride boring.

Marisa and Brittany said...

Thanks, Misty! I wish you the same sista ;o)

Terri said...

What a great review. I want to see this now!!

Marisa and Brittany said...

Thank-you, Terri! This was a true story, so, though there were aspects of the movie I would have written differently... real life isn't fairy tale. It can be messy at best. Interestingly, I went to Barnes and Noble today and saw Elizabeth Gilbert's newest book "Commitment." As it turns out, my predicted ending of her finally finding and committing to the love of her life for the long haul was accurate :) I was thankful for that!

Have a wonderful week!