Saturday, July 16, 2011

Feeling Free

(FIRST OF ALL: I just want to let everyone know that I have not disappeared, nor have I forgotten about our blog... I simply have a computer that is near impossible to use and in order for me to blog, I have to allow myself at least a full hour of time just for it to login, load, and then for me to get to the sight. Today was my day off, therefore I made myself a fabulous dinner while I was waiting for it. :) I will be buying a new computer, shortly after Hunter and I aquire some furniture for our new apartment.)

Well, as you all know, I have recently moved. I have gone through some crazy mood swings since we got here and it has been a fabulously fun, and yet rough few months.  I have found myself walking the strip of Las Vegas and am, even still, amazed that I actually live here. 

I have had some amazingly fun experiences and have had some moments of serious fear and home-sickness.  However, Hunter and I have just recently gotten into our new apartment where we do not have to live with 2 of his guy friends (who, by the way, were not very clean).

We have started buying groceries, since we can now actually cook in our kitchen, so that we can start being healthy instead of eating out and also so that we can save money.  We also are both starting to work out more, he goes to the gym and I have been doing yoga (for my body, soul, and sanity).  In addition to all of this, we are finally financially stable. We have gotten all caught up from the move, and it feels great. 

We are also starting to make friends and enjoy more local fun things to do.  We havent been going to the strip as much so that it is a treat when we do decide to go down there. I finally feel free of the emotional rollercoaster I was on when I got here and while I was trying to get acclimated.  (As Hunter would say, "It finally feels like home!")

Oh, and yes... I am going to start a new site called "food porn" just as soon as I get my new computer! I have already been collecting some pictures to show you from restaurants I have been going to in addition to dinners that we have cooked. Yummy! <3 (and don't worry, I will definitely include restaurant names and recipes so that you can try the deliciousness for yourself!)

---- brittany+ heart

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Marisa and Brittany said...

Aww Britttany! I cried as I read this post. I'm so happy for you that you've finally found a "home" in Las Vegas :o) I'm looking forward to coming out for a visit! We are also looking forward to your new "Food Porn" page to ogle over some delicious delights... keep snapping those tasty pics.

All my love,