Friday, July 15, 2011

The Greater YES!

Remember... this blog's main thrust is to try to make sense of the mess I (we) make. Well, quite honestly, I've been floundering in a messy fog this last week... dreams shattered, hopes dashed, and anticipations dissipate into a hazy state of confusion.

"Why Lord? Why did you bring us to this place to allow disappointment to show its ugly head?" As I was crying out for answers, Beth Moore reminded me in her book, Believing God, that sometimes we need to receive the "no" in order to be blessed with the greater "YES!"
She goes on to say that "the greater miracle may be abundant life, redemption, ministry, and exceeding harvest after a no we felt we wouldn't survive."

It's so easy to lose faith in God in the face of disappointments. Remember Gideon's oppression? When the angel of the Lord appeared to Gideon to reassure him that God was with him he couldn't help but question, "If the Lord is with us, why has all this happened to us?" (Judges 6:12-13). God encouraged Gideon and Gideon's faith grew. Thankfully, God gives us His mercy during times of questioning.

I, like Gideon, question God and I, like Gideon, desperately want God to be glorified through my life and if that means setting aside my own desires to allow God to show me His power and might... then so be it. Beth sums up my thoughts perfectly, "If I don't get my miracle but God gets greater glory, I choose to believe I received the greater miracle with the most eternal dividends."

So, I think I'll pray differently in the future. I will certainly still pray for the miracles and "then let our sovereign, wise, and long-range planning God measure the glory and determine if a greater one is at stake."
I'm still bumbling, but I'm beginning to see more clearly that faith and belief in God Almighty to accomplish His will in my life yields a peace and a joy that is indescribable. I don't want to live a life of mediocrity apart from God... I want to live a life extraordinaire right smack dab in the midst of all of His glory!

Wow! I have much to look forward to :o) Thanks God for helping me make sense of the mess I make and turn it into something beautiful that can glorify YOU!


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