Saturday, August 27, 2011

Bakery Story

My daughter, Brittany, recently moved to Las Vegas and because we are now 1000s of miles apart, we work diligently to think of ways to "come together" to nurture our precious relationship.

Here is Brittany and her niece (our granddaughter), who are both in Las Vegas!
Brittany sent me a text yesterday and encouraged me to download the Bakery Story Application on my iPhone. She said we could be "neighbors" and lavish one another with "sweet"-ness.
Having owned a real life coffee shop and bakery, needless to say... I jumped on this idea :) and of course, I will take any excuse to hang out with Brittany... she's my best friend!

Brittany's bakery, Puffins Muffins, is obviously much more established and adorable than mine. If you'll notice in this picture, her customers are eating strawberry shortcake and leaving with cute little pink hearts above their heads... this means they're tickled "pink" with her customer services and her tantalizing offerings :)

My customers have been leaving my bakery, Sweetie Pies with broken heart symbols above their heads. Britt says I need to bake and have the baked goods available for my customers and plenty of seating, so they don't leave disappointed. Needless to say, she has been giving me the help I need to make my little quest of "owning my own business" enjoyable (and delicious to boot).

Check-out my broken-hearted customers.. Though I have a few goodies to share, my quaint place is not roomy enough to accommodate all of the cute little bodies.
If you have an iPhone, iPad, or and iPod touch, we would love for you to download this application and join us in our neighborhood! We can invite one another to visit, share gifts, and express how thrilled we are to be neighbors by lavishing one another with tips! It really is a lot of fun :)

If you would like to heed to the the calling of your entrepreneurial spirit and open your own bakery, make sure you don't neglect it... because if you do, the only customers you'll have are the flies :o) And, don't forget to invite Brittany and me to be your neighbors (our ID names are listed below).

Brittany's ID: babernard1
Marisa's ID: mber65

I'm always looking for a yummy cafe to shoot the breeze. I'd love it to be yours!!


Terri said...

Looks like a fun and yummy app. I saw a similar game on facebook not too long ago. Your daughter and grand daughter are both beautiful.

Tyra said...

The girls on the photo are pretty nice. The game sounds very interesting. I wanna get on my IPhone. It seems to me like you will have much fun.