Sunday, September 25, 2011

Two Weeks Ago...

I took a two-week "sabbatical" away from blogging...

It's in the nature of our family to wander up, down, and all around the many hills and valleys of life. About 2 weeks ago, we came sliding down one of those hills on our backsides to an abrupt halt. As we stood, brushed ourselves off, and looked around we found ourselves in a dark and dismal valley (we enter these now and then).

Two weekends ago, my brother-in-law passed away from lung complications. Due to the distance between us and our work responsibilities, we were unable to be with our family during this time of loss. It's always hard to lose a loved one no matter how you look at it.

In addition, we celebrated our son's 20th Birthday 2 weeks ago. He was truly delighted to see that metallic blue scooter with his name on it! Finally... he was 20 and MOBILE!

Josh didn't have his scooter for 2 days and it was stolen by a heartless street thug. Josh has lived his life at the mercy of others.  Am I the only one who looks forward to an eternity in Heaven... watching my son frolic along with friends who care about him and witnessing our Christ throw His arms around him and love him will be reward enough for me!

Two weeks ago marked the onset of a trek through some muck, but there is a hill in sight, praise the Lord!!! Our time on this earth is a mere vapor... so, we will continue to muddle, climb, wade, and levitate through the good times and the bad as we await our Eternal Home. Thank-you, Lord, that You have gone to prepare a home for us... we look forward to dwelling with you in perfect joy forever and forever more... in the meantime, we will snuggle into the palms of your Almighty Hands!


Scott said...

There are two very wonderful things that always keep me going when it gets tough (and, believe me, the stroke was tough-still is):
1) Everything in our lives is put together and used by God. He doesn't cause the problems, but takes them all and combines them with everything else to always work out for the best in all concerned. I live my life now by this blessing. I have never seen it fail. At times, it takes longer for me to find the good, and it is not always for me, often it is best for others (still good for me), but it is there.
2) You cannot see the beauty of the mountain top except best from the depths of the valley.

With these two thoughts in mind, knowing them to be true, I can handle (with God's help) anything that comes along.


kemarias said...

Hey Marisa, How are you? Blessings

Angela Fitch said...

Praying for you and your family dear. Big Hug! Angela