Monday, December 12, 2011

Our Source!

Have you ever stopped to think about your source... the source from where you came? I have always known I came from God, but I watched a presentation by Dr. Wayne Dyer recently and it prompted me to reflect a little deeper about just what it means to be created by God... in His image.

Dr. Dyer used the analogy of an apple pie to make his point. He said if you slice a piece of that pie and remove it from its source and begin to ask it from where it came, the piece will respond, "I came from my source. I can't possibly be made from peaches or cherries. I have to be made of apples... so, the only explanation is I came from an apple pie."

Just as we cannot be anything but fearfully and wonderfully made because our Source is the Almighty God Himself! Not only did He create us, but He created us in HIS image! We can't get any more perfect than that.

The problem we face is over the years we have chosen to listen to what others say about us instead of listening to our Source. We have been told over and over again:

  • we're not worthy
  • we're not good enough
  • we're not pretty enough
  • we're not skinny enough
  • we're not athletic enough
  • we're not smart enough
... and the list goes on and on until one day we realize we've "checked" the baggage of everyone else and we're carrying around the burden of untruths and lies. We go through life imposing our nasty baggage onto others in hopes we can find some relief for ourselves. Satan has us spinning around and around on the conveyor belt of life handing off and receiving the heavy loads as if that's just "life"... the lot we've been given.

God has a different plan for our lives! He's begging you to listen to Him! When others tell us we're less than God created us to be, simply respond as that little piece of apple pie responded and say, "That's impossible! I can not be anything less than the very image of God, for He is the Source from which I came!" 

Let's turn our baggage over to God. He's willing to ease the load, to claim our baggage, so we can be rid of them once and for all. When others want to hand you their baggage, politely inform them that you are NOT their baggage claim and steer them in the direction of the One who is!

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Susan Stilwell said...

I love this statement: We go through life imposing our nasty baggage onto others in hopes we can find some relief for ourselves. So TRUE!

I always told my kids, hurting people hurt people and from the looks of things, the world us full of them. How heartbreaking to see people struggle with heavy loads of emotional baggage.

What freedom there is when we understand who we are in Christ Jesus! Great post, ladies!!

Becoming Wife and Mother said...

this is such a great post! Just what i needed today!

I am a new follower from blog frog! I'd love if you came and followed me :)

momto8 said...

This is a great post..i wish i could live everyday with these thoughts present in my mind. I am a new folower.

ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

I agree! Love Wayne's philosophy and analogies ~ I am back from Xmas Vacation & wanted to thank you linking up to Magical Monday Meme at A Creative Harbor ~ namaste, Carol